About Us

 From left to right: Yeng, Fatima,   Nirmohi,  Angie, and Deepti

From left to right: Yeng, Fatima,  Nirmohi, Angie, and Deepti

My name is Angie and I'm a co-founder of Admit Sensei. I came up with the idea of Admit Sensei a year ago after reflecting on my MBA admissions experience. I was a career changer from a non-business background and unable to tap into my network for help. As I researched different programs, I realized how competitive it was going to be, how individualized each application was, and how time consuming the admission process was going to be. I had one shot at success and the odds felt stacked against me. I turned to the Admissions Consulting industry for help - but at an enormous price tag.

Like many other current MBA students out there, I learned an immense amount during the application process. It's that experience that we want to harness at Admit Sensei. Through Admit Sensei, we're creating an online marketplace that connects applicants to current MBA students with a similar background for affordable, relatable, and personalized admissions advice. We value MBA students time and expertise - and we feel that high quality advice should be available to all applicants. 

My co-founders Yeng, Fatima, Nirmohi, and Deepti are helping us turn the Admit Sensei dream into a viable company. Together, we're a diverse team of coders, marketers, and project managers passionate about equaling the MBA admissions playing field. 

Have a question for us? Interested in joining the Admit Sensei team? We'd love to hear from you! Email us.